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Welcome to DoDAO: Where Learning Meets Simplicity

We are a customer education platform focused on empowering businesses to educate their customers effectively. Our product portfolio includes a range of offerings designed to enhance customer education and awareness. We also provide specialized solutions tailored specifically for blockchain companies.

Tidbits Hub
This is our latest product where you can create bite sized information, which we call tidbits. These tidbits can then be published to social media or can be used to create printed materials like pamphlets.
Academy Sites
These are detailed sources of information. With a combination of various innovative formats like guides, tidbits, simulations etc. we make sure users are able to comprehend complex concepts easily.
AI Chatbot
Unlike many AI chatbots that can be inaccurate and share irrelevant information, our Chatbot stands out. It is trained on specific data, ensuring accurate responses. It also gives credit to the original source of information.
Blockchain Courses
We have created a curriculum covering NFTs, DeFi, Layer 2 solutions, and more, providing essential knowledge and practical skills that will set you apart in this rapidly evolving industry.
Blockchain Development
If you are looking for experts who can help you accelerate your development, we provide specialized development services for strategic projects.


Tidbits Hub

At Tidbits Hub, we've tapped into understanding precisely what format and style of content resonate most with today's consumers. Using this platform you can craft short, straightforward bite sized pieces of information which we call "tidbits" with each piece containing 5-10 sentences. It provides quick understanding within 5 minutes, without the need for users to go through extensive material.

Short videos:
Users can watch concise, one-minute videos embedded within tidbits as we are aware that everyone has their own unique learning style.
Shareable Content:
These tidbits can then be published to social media or can be used to create printed materials like pamphlets.
Call to Actions:
We can embed CTAs within tidbits that lead customers directly to application forms etc.
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Academy Sites

Academy Sites

Companies rely heavily on extensive technical documentation that can be overwhelming and time-consuming for users to review and comprehend. We have created academy sites which utilize a combination of different innovative formats for educating your users.

Academy Site Gif
Our nano-courses offer focused learning on specific topics. In just 5-10 minutes, users can absorb information, test their knowledge with multiple-choice questions.
Simulations/Clickable Demos
We've built simulations to confidently acquaint users with protocols without the risk. Interactive and secure, these demos teach without the fear of clicking wrong links.
Designed for efficiency, TidBits deliver crucial information in compact, easy-to-digest steps. These brief 5-10 sentence pieces allow for rapid understanding without the overwhelm of longer reads.
Advanced security.
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For those seeking depth, our courses combine texts, diagrams, videos, and interactive questions to provide a rich, 30-60 minute learning journey.
Stay up-to-date with our timelines that track and inform about the latest product developments and releases, keeping customers connected and informed.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

For blockchain projects, platforms like Discourse and Discord are inundated with new inquiries. Many newcomers hesitate to ask questions, fearing they might appear uninformed. Simultaneously, even long-standing members often struggle to locate specific information.

We have designed an AI chatbot for blockchain projects which can be trained on governance forums and documentation. It can provide accurate information alongwith the links to sources, benefiting both new and experienced users. This AI chatbot is projected to save thousands of hours for community members monthly, showcasing its return on investment (ROI) within just the first month.

AI ChatBot Image

Blockchain Courses

Blockchain Courses

Blockchain Courses

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology with our comprehensive courses. We have created a curriculum that dives deep into the world of NFTs, DeFi, Layer 2 solutions, and more, providing essential knowledge and practical skills that will set you apart in this rapidly evolving industry.

From understanding the basics to mastering advanced concepts, our educational journey is designed to empower enthusiasts, students, and organizations alike. With DoDAO's blockchain courses, you're stepping into a new era of digital innovation and opportunity.

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Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development Tooling

Blockchain Development

With over five years of experience in blockchain development, we specialize in collaborating with strategic projects to speed up their growth. Our focus is on crafting custom blockchain solutions designed specifically for your business requirements. By adopting a flexible approach, we prioritize understanding your needs to develop innovative solutions that streamline your business operations and drive success.

We excel in creating blockchain applications from scratch and can even improve enhancing current products. By incorporating blockchain solutions along with customized UI features, you gain the capacity to swiftly expand your business, adjust to market shifts, and surpass competitors.